We are not the same

We live in a powerful, evocative time that invokes feelings of compassion, empathy, and the need to save the world more and more, BUT with this driving force of activism comes a deep dark truth that lives within our anxieties that equally brings forth our unconscious, ingrained habits of the primitive self that reinforces specism, racism, sexism and our obsession to dominate, to control, to rule and win over. We are obscured by appearances and material, possessions, and ego.

I spend everyday thinking my head into a whirlwind of wanting to save the world in one click of a button, in one monumental message or piece of art that will create a conscious, harmonious world, because we are not all the same, but we are equal.

It's time to Live by Love.

And so, with my whirlwind mind, I enter into my "Human Nature series" that will be torturous, it will be vibrant, it will be conscious, it will be a mockery of humanity and a wonderland of nature that once was, it will be evocative and provocative and above all else will create social awareness, because I am part of the echo that so many people are communicating to the world. We are fragments that make up a bigger picture and no matter how small, it really does make a huge difference and so we MUST do our part, because this current pandemic is really the least of our worries. What is a life worth living, if we have no place to live it on.


Unity (Narrated by famous actors and musicians)

A Life on our Planet, David Attenborough

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