How to create a gallery room in your home

A bare wall is a sad wall. Especially when you've collected all this amazing art and just do not know where and how to put them together because of colour theme, space, or just not knowing where to start.

My gallery room started with my downstairs loo. I thought the small, intimate space would make a great place for viewing pleasure while you're sat on the shitter. I then included an upcycled piece I created from which the pink and orange hue set off the rest of the colour scheme for the room. After that I included some of my favourite illustrations from birthday card front covers and a few more paintings I did that oozed that pink-orange palette.

If you already have a colour scheme in mind, GREAT! All you have to do is choose an artwork that fits the scheme, and the others will follow suit. Otherwise, choose an artwork and theme the room to the colour that stands out most to you. Make it fun, make it funny, make it abstract, psychedelic, whatever the hell you want. The room will soon come alive and you and your house guests will be sitting on that toilet looking around at your gallery room and not even needing a poop.

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